What is yogajuana?

Yogajuana is a yoga class unique to The Yoga House. We have earned the United States Trademark for “YOGAJUANA” and developed a specialty yoga class for everyone to enjoy regardless of any prior yoga experience.

The focus for a yogajuana class is to help people simply R E L A X. Stress is the culprit of many illnesses and diseases. Our team of experienced yoga instructors will guide you in an hour class to gently release tension in the body, teach and practice breathing techniques, as well as meditation skills. By learning these tools, you can help yourself in your daily life by utilizing them in your time of need due to stress or anxiety.

Our exclusive yogajuana class is offered weekly at The Yoga House in Brandon, FL.

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*If you are a studio owner anywhere in the USA and would like to offer yogajuana at your studio or gym, please contact us for more information on becoming a licensed yogajuana provider. (info@yogajuana.net)

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Lisa L.

“My daughter, teacher and mother of three, uses the tincture.”

Nicole H.

“The bath bomb rocks.”

Zach C.

“I use the lotion; it works!”